🌮Eat Tacos like a Local @ Mexico City!🌮Taco Nation🌮 - ‪$‬100↑
Eat exquisite tacos like a local! Avoid tourist/expensive restaurants! Discover the magnificent art of the Mexican iconic cuisine: THE MIGHTY TACO! Think of me as your spiritual taco guru for a day, I will take you to a handful of carefully selected “taquerías”! Join me to have some amazing tacos for breakfast and meal! Do you have what it takes!? New or old comers, the friendly Taco Nation Tour: Mexico City is aimed for everyone who wants to savor the ultimate taco experience! Not recommended for the faint of stomach! 3 to 4 hour in duration (expect some traffic in between the best hidden taco-gems in the city!) Tour starts at 10:00 am - you better come hungry!
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