Design Your Maine Experience - ‪$‬25↑
Maine is the perfect place to revitalize your idea of vacation! Design your escape from everyday life with fresh experiences in new surroundings. Get off-the-beaten-path and away from typical tourist traps. Find out what it means to have authentic experiences. Change the way you think about vacation planning. Challenge yourself to add an element of cultural immersion to your experiences. Discover your surroundings in an entirely different way. This consulting service will create opportunities for authentic experiences based on your specific interests.... Farmer's markets, islands, beaches, digging your own clams for dinner, food, boats, outdoor showers, mountains, breweries, getting your "sea legs," music, farms, vineyards, hot tubs, day drinking, fishing, dive bars, sunsets, cheeseburgers, "finding" yourself in the forest, festivals, strawberry picking, upta camp, ocean stargazing, and so so much more..... Maine: The Way Life Should Be
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